Monday, May 02, 2022

Why tf do I HATE freemasonry? well that is a complex question but the gist of it is that I was almost trapped in der cult (that they kill over) by advanced shriners when I was a dumb teen whom attempted to give me HIV via twinning scenario, they couldnt take care of me thru legal realms so they sicked their KKK closeted case wizards after me, and to this day keep me confined in a monarch sciences prison I cannot escape...however being one of the only anti masons on the planet has allowed a lot of spiritual information to flow to me easily about secret societies and such and I was the thief that never got caught so to speak, well once but then I changed my life around.. they target people from a young age and I was groomed to enter into the mystical arts but turned it down I honestly dont know why I guess I am just happy with my vows of poverty from another life, and having my soul charted by my own self, I can also see the massive psy ops they have going on on this entire reality which keeps us housed here as slaves until you die which makes it a masonic tax farm -I will not stop until all 8M freemasons and even more eastern star are disbanded and forced to hand over the keys to this reality which they in effect own