Monday, May 30, 2022

Technical boy launches Rh2 Church of Techno Communal living vegas loft called eclectic circus

this one is kind of it floating in space,( the skyloft was the best I have ever seen) in sL (second life) circa 2010 
I launched this about 1 month ago its my 2nd largest parcel of land I had to close down like 12 businesses to afford this fucker for ever hahaha I wanted virtual world land security and my micro loft is paid down till 2027

foyer with urs truly raver

shameless self promo

kind of another entrance feel free to walk around

The info board

art wall?

kinda goes around the skybox backwards from where we are going next 

This is the communal area, gosh I know there is a lot of places to sit I think I can seat about 60 or something lol 

This cat is the best complete with mau mix pate and gingerbread and circus house

Behind Deejay booth with servers

Yes there are a lot of places to "sit" in here in Second Life lol :) nobody ever sits 

this is kind of the donation matrix for off world royalties deposited in a fictitious currency that pays my rent lol 

sleeping area but u cant really sleep

Yes it is this

In my defense bieber is NOT actually urinating and no nudity 

so kind of a skater boy done up texture wise some paper airplanes and hedgehog halt and some art

This is the dining area of the Loft

The kitchen

more places to "sit"

some kewl decor

yeah so we went right around to that door again its kinda micro macro vegas loft eclectic/electric/eletrik/ekletic circus ish