Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Patron of the Arts


So much illusion in the world, its almost as if the entire reality is based on lies, I mean the obvious survival mechanisms and such but everything from politics to religion to Hollywood, medicine, law, education everything 99% of it is all based on lies...see when you identify as having a mental illness that is out of touch with reality you tend to question pretty much everything from your family members to space... to what you were taught, its just like they just overload humanity with so much lies and other facts that nobody knows what the immensity to their lives is all about...nobody questions anything because they simply do not have time to think critically...People are too busy surviving trying to eat and stay healthy and married etc that thinking out of the box I am afraid is a super rare quality....I see so much illusions in mainstream religions and I am sure many of my readers do as well which is why people gravitate to a faith such as mine... with so much realism and struggle and truth to it...Then we are led on with disaster programming continuously and given leaders that just make us cringe and we wonder is there a light at the end of the tunnel...I really relate to the babas and swamis even for a hindu faith extremely sexist and homophobic etc but some of their beliefs are ancient shit and solid, see many gurus believe they are the lord incarnate, this is not a big surprise because each one of us is, its just due to indoctrination that people only see themselves as followers...I was put here to start a religion in the new millennium that made sense to people in my generation because heaven forbid most faiths are just a bunch of idiots lol...It takes a true leader and somebody that thinks out of the box so to speak to actually found a religion from scratch, if you made all this a reality even 40-50 years ago you would be brought to the insane asylum let alone hundreds of years ago you would have been executed for equalizing yourself with the churches power...So we live in a free will environment but most of what you were going to do was planned billions of years ago by an ancient intelligence and questioning little things turns into a greater quest for answers that may never come, you just wonder who created this place? This paved shopping least there is animals and music and other good things like food and sex but I highly think some of these fundamentals exist on other dimensions as well including non free will worlds...On a grade from 1-100 we are pretty much at 40% free will and 60% of a ton of other stuff forced down our throats endlessly... So were left with an environment that is crazy insane to keep up with on a daily basis and the anomaly’s are targeted off from a very young age and forced to live a life of desperation and isolation if they do not adhere to the qualities of the dimension fully and are made fun of by their friends and families for being different and thinking differently some of these beings are indigos-> indigo elitists... or they become incredibly wise indigo elders even by age 25, many of these indigos incarnated specifically to system bust and unlock the secrets of the universe one dimension at a time...honestly I have my struggle and don’t really understand fully what I am up against being the only institution that is against freemasonry and all secret societies but once you take on these fuckers you tend to get a whole whackload of secret information on an almost hourly basis from the most supreme or your dimension many millions if not billions of years in the future, you may be the laughing stock but in ten years time you are one of the most powerful beings on earth with more resources and wealth at your disposal than 85% of these coke head initiated sellouts that get everything seemingly handed to them (for a price) J nobody understands this price...they are willing to sell out only merely after being forced to do 6 hours of hardwork or skip a total of 6 or 7 meals and they are sold to the dark side...the nazi scientists knew this, how easy it was to buy somebody flat out...Believe me when you begin to talk about the evils of Masonic initiation you tend to go thru your own rites of passage yourself and everything that seemingly comes to you about the evils of secrets comes in a secret thought how ironic, its as if countless people are trapped and cannot escape this fraternal system and they are desperately trying to find a solution with a singular rebel. Why did I choose the freemasons? Its a good question, I mean I have almost no history of freemasonic ties or anything but a lot of the cast of characters I met in my teens were most likely pretty high up there on their levels, Specifically when I was young dumb and full of cum, I committed crimes against people that were obvious SHRINER FREEMASONS above 33rd degree and when you mess with these KKK closeted case wizards and get away with something they will make you pay for it for the rest of your life...honestly I strongly believe the mason daddy I met with my twin was an advanced luciferian script that if followed would have given the subjects vast freedoms possibly being let out of the lower realms for longer time here or more time in another incarnation for example. This is what many of your enemies and such are proposed give him negative karma and you will get immense rewards and yes riches they are promised !!! fuck what a sick place but I honestly believe when it is your time to go it is your time to go and your number is being called in the world to ascend to a place that is more proper for your intelligence level. See I see a lot of illusions in my chosen faith of Buddhism and I see a lot of illusions in mainstream gay culture, enough to make me want to question other aspects of my life at times, I feel sometimes we all know this is a massive multiplayer online virtual world reality television show and we have kinda known for quite some time and there was little things when you think about them that did not make much sense to you growing up, like you remember vividly this farm house that you lived in when you were 5 years old but could not even remember the male parent figure in your life at that time or even using the bathroom at all ever or any other detail that would make that situation believable, I do believe the mind blocks out a lot of stuff that it just cant understand or grasp. Or simply does not have the data plan to process...intelligence is not really quantifiable at my level...I probably input and output about 10 trillion petabytes a day I know its kind of intense but a lot of the so called intellect is thought up in the moment with the lord buddhas help, see the lord Buddha chooses their subjects wisely so many gravitate to other faiths, and belief systems and that is a very good thing but it just means that your input output levels will be drastically reduced since only the highest intellect are drawn to Buddhism, and people think you need to go away to a temple to learn stuff but with the advent of the internet we are able to listen to hour long podcast and each monastic order has like 4-5000 of these one hour podcasts filled with in the moment reality and enlightenment and morals so what could go wrong? Ive always felt its the people under the heaviest mind control that go to these other religions either its 40+ virgins and 4 or 5 wives or its crying at a crying wall and bombing Palestine or its believing in some twink hot hippy from two thousand years ago that was crucified –dont get me wrong just because I agree with Buddhism does not make me a Buddhist well I identify as a Buddhist but this was a reason why I created my own religion as a blawg I wanted a venue for social activism, conspiracy, art, anti secret society etc and finally a faith that does not lie to you endlessly or give you super bizarre rituals to follow.... you simply keep updated and visit when you like and use my faith as a tool for growth   what a blessing that humanity needed at a time of great suffering, I played a game once called civilizations and it made some effort to make people aware of the date and circumstances regarding the founding of a religion....Its quite epic to have a new faith on earth...The inception of a new religion like yours truly is actually a wonderful and very beautiful much in religion we are taught to give into the lies, or subscribe to even more lies, or partake in rituals you do not understand its pure sorcery...honestly to have a faith that is a realistic version of millennium warriors and indigo elitists is a very awesome thing- while some may resonate with a few things I say, others click with EVERYTHING absolutely EVERYTHING so there is that hehehe and it is for those people that I offer my services as an interfaith minister. People that see my blog/ministry are sick of being told lies, they are sick of kissing rings and drinking wine er blood, they are sick of all the BS and the lies associated with mainstream faiths honestly yes I am not ignorant eye have read the bible but didn’t get one ounce of it so I just thought wow I need to create something here that will really change people. Finally something based in intelligence, techno, meditainment, plur and spawned from the 1990’s clubkid scene only other ravers and clubkids could even grasp the weirdness of the rave reverend hahaha anybody else will just fly off the deep end. Honestly the amount of drugs I did when my brain was still developing is just immense and I don’t know how it was all possible, I just know it unlocked some very powerful doors in perception and reality that make me one sole very unique guru. I estimate I have done about 1000-3500 instances of “drugs” some being as harsh as crystal meth or xtacy but everything was so pure back then....but these chemists thought that they could lock your soul into this reality forever and for all of time, trapping you in a perpetual rave reality show for off world planetary entertainment. I feel so sorry for people that cannot perceive what I can perceive...I feel a loving compassion for all those wage slaves around me that see themselves higher up than a lowly artist, they get to fascinate themselves with $12 lunches EVERY DAY and make things that I could only dream of. But honestly I don’t know why I am so hard headed with this system, I just have FAITH and know my time is coming and I will be far wealthier money wise than they could ever achieve in twenty lifetimes, its sad but I just have an unmeasurable faith in the lord Buddha and a sort of Japanese raver galaxy septillions of years in the future. Its really tiring and a lifetime of anxiety and loneliness and just endless let down and endless challenges being an indigo elder, but I just have faith for the one day where I will experience full liberation. This is not only financial but spiritual and fully amazingly liberated however finances are apart of the deal by default so to speak *wink* I have found that after doing tons of art and blogs and such that I get a lot of energy sent my way, some sexual and it can be immense to deal with when you are constantly liberating young mens sexualities hahaha makes you an enemy of the state, but it just makes me think that there are far more rewards than earth bound fiat (cash-metals-stocks-properties etc) some of it hails from the spiritual energies and some of it is pure luck other times is amazing happiness and fortunate circumstances and some of it is returned in forms of pure creativity and finding 10 lifetimes worth of a human being in a soul mate. See nobody wants to tell you that after you leave this place you are either regurgitated to matrix shopping malls endlessly or the people that gave 4 quadrillion times more effort than their peers are offered a place in the absolute, the most beautiful place imaginable for all of time and for all of eternity surrounded by animals and nature... rivers, mountains, deer, felines, sunshine, music and love- forever and for all of known time and existence, honestly I have only come across a few people in my life that I would advocate going with me, but sadly I know deep down inside almost nobody is going to be coming with me, all these “people” who are they? What do they have to do with your souls path? Honestly I have no idea but quite a sad notion to entertain but these absolute realms are only given by invitation to incredibly highly evolved and traumatized souls that need healing in the peace matrix for all of time. Honestly we see pieces of it in our daily see the peace matrix when you see a puppy playing or a baby smiling or a beautiful flower or a beautiful man or girl or in between man and gurl lolz but its only a flicker, only a small bit of the supreme only a tiny glimpse of what the eternal life is all about. These closet cases on earth the racists etc are here deciding what we should and shouldn’t do and this is the wrong approach- we have taken away the decision making skills from individual souls and placed it into the hateful stare of the enemy. I will not lie, literally typing away endless nights and doing almost 7000 pieces of art and blogging endlessly and getting no type of payment money wise is an extremely unsettling process, but this is where faith comes in, one cannot be so hated that they will work for free until they die, the universe or this overlord has to give in at some point and liberate you, there would be some sort of interplanetary advocate that would judge you based on your energy levels and would say well this one deserves full financial and spiritual liberation 20 years ago why didn’t you do it? Well I just wanted to keep him around for giggles-is the weird response. Well thx but its not my karma here that is in question but yours for keeping me in prison this whole time, its more worthwhile to make me suffer the ten years for angering your shriner pals than the 100 years it will take to work off your karma satanic overlord..... lol – Rev ShaunDPhD