Monday, May 02, 2022

Edict on proper naming of the «------•}I|Guru

When in Reference to the person formally known as Rev Dr Shaun Delage 

I shall be known as Guru z3n8 for the rest of known time.

This takes away the power of the naming program from the mother father and bloodline/matrix program and places an incredible amount of power behind the true title the true name of the the most supreme and most evolved

Rev...... honestly is just an official preskool term used to classify me above the sheep so to speak but I am pretty ashamed of using the Rev title due to the religious classification with known Reverends including godhatesfags churches and closeted ministers that openly preach about gays while having relations with hot young jocks on the side, what a bunch of wingnuts lol 

So Guru z3n8 it is.....