Saturday, May 28, 2022

Edict on cancers

 To aid all humans the following decree and edict is enacted 

please get ahold of some 

1) ESSIAC (tea) 

2) mistletoe

3) oil of oregano

These three things will virtually halt all cancers and growth

Take all three about once per week or two and you will NEVER get cancer, EVER

used as a preventative and immune booster

also I strongly suggest you take on the practice of meditation to techno to manifest but also get rid of all anger, sadness, guilt, hostility etc

and eat as little of sugar that you possibly can, dont kid me I still like my pepsi but I need to restrict a lot of my sugar intake due to the fact that I like to drink pop 

I have seen a lot of people on the internet come into contact with some form of cancer lately and they have chosen to ignore my advice and get chopped up and burned alive until their hair falls out to treat this....

fearless....if it is your time to go -take it !! my country has assisted dying !!!