Saturday, April 02, 2022

Slave rats think they are better than an artist because they earn a stable wage etc and just simply deal with toxic co workers as a by product of their inherent very meagre handout in the pyramid scheme hahaha just imagine their face when you have inherited an extraordinary amount of resources, wealth, fiat, properties, credit, trips, cars, jewels and crypto and such simply by thinking about it for 15 years every night :) something they could never ever achieve as a slave in 20 lifetimes....most slaves see people that do not fit into their solar sun cult as detestable lazy and icky when in fact the homeless and mentally ill disabled and artists poets writers potters etc are far more superior and more evolved than the common or upper slave which is totally funny and ironic a lot of this is based out of ignorance of talent and creativity which the institutionalized slave rat is totally void of due to their indoctrination, you do not earn a wage you are not worthy of my time effort or attention what a bunch of solar sun cult bullshit if you ask me lol :)