Thursday, April 21, 2022

If you are "different" bizarre -strange or gay and LOVE BEAUTIFUL YOUNG MEN (17yrs to 25yrs) highly evolved and a system buster and incredibly talented and have a lot going for you... -An mk'd/religious child will immediately perceive you as a threat and do anything they can to bring you down including false and very creative and imaginative allegations and some people never recover from simply being accused let alone the process of court hearings, they will make up all sorts of fantasies surrounding their anus and adult intrusion, most kids are very cunning and incredibly creative and very highly attuned....what a sad matrix we live in that entraps as many as possible in the prison system (racial gang/gangstalking and rape warfare) how many extremely talented are forcibly confined against their will in freemasonic prisons this very moment under completely fabricated stories?