Friday, April 22, 2022

If anyone ever doubted His Serene Highness Sri Sai Baba-wait isnt that like a dalai llama of sorts? well good question and the simple answer is yes but of a closet case hindu faith etc -& gosh I am the next in line to the throne :) -He healed many millions in the hospitals he founded, his karma is immense and everlasting, a new baba is not formed until the worlt is in extreme suffering and is injured beyond comprehension...

 Pretty much every 5 seconds somebody interacts with the virtual ministry

Sai baba rubbing oil on young mens balls....well I would too if I was seen as a literal god guru - I can see it now Sri Shaun D Phdee rubbing oil on older hawt male teens balls everywhere !!! sri baba was not a pedo all the CBC doc [seducing sai]  revealed is he likes hot older teen males not babies for fuck sakes but his following is cultish and weird like posting photos of robes from the baba that had 'darshan' spread all over em magically (holy ash) so who knows really !!!

Yes people have a disdain for sai baba nag champa its suspect because it has champa oil or whatever but largely more is its a protective forcefield in the name of the guru so people slamming doors or reacting negatively to the smell are super dark souls

There was like 17-26 different sai babas at any given time much  like dopplegangerz research society and masonic curses [michael jackson] & aliens sorta deal.... death oaths {Louis Farrakhan - Nation of Islam- fruits of islam} melania trump (former first ladie) life taking greek oaths-the time of body doubles etc...... for the record..... sai only liked hawt male teenz which is still generally frowned upon in hindu scripture.-. but that does not make him universally karmically indebted much like those folk that try and sway u over to the darkside are indebted karmically in some way but people aligned with love and beauty are never ignored by her serene highness..... nor forgotten, ever..... this was the gift that was given to humanity from THE most divine ........FULL LIBERATION INTO THE PEACE MATRIX......... this means financial, spiritual, and full..... liberation....[full on guidance and protection for all who seek it and whom are invited - there is no other way into the highest realms of love unless you assist humanity through samsara in a certain humanitarian way]- the most high, god, the lord buddha, lord krishna, lord ganesh, bastet, and her serene highness gave this to ALL human beings/animals and other entities some in the unseen matter the sins, even if they sinned one hour ago in so called christian terms but those who work hard at all times to resist and have the power of the enlightened ones to forever guide and protect them-etc

The hindu bishop comes into focus lol kind of a 
graduation of sorts lol faculty of india? who knows lol