Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Edict on interpersonal relations

I know a lot of you have differing views than myself, I know I say things that may trigger people or set people off, but you are not here to totally mimic others belief systems, you are here to take bits of knowledge to help you on your path. I know some people might have totally differing political and religious + sexuality views etc but I am not here to piss people off or try and program you endlessly 

I am simply here as a learning tool to be a bastion for social advocacy and to be one of the only faiths that accept all sexualities GAY Str8 BI trans etc etc I am here to share my unique outlook with a dash of humor 

I know many people who have read more than a dozen actual posts that I wrote probably wonder about me as an enigma and you can go back into the church archives to see when I was religiously writing discourses to tiring end and these days its kind of rare to find a dhamma discourse in written form since I have totally moved to a more visual basis

anyways just wanted to settle this for you in case you were kind of fragmented in what I write 

I know I am a totally bizarre rave reverend radical leftist and its ok to be different 

its okay to go on a 20 year path of solitude and enlightenment and its okay to be weird and strange and an anomaly 

its ok to think differently and yes its ok to not agree with some things I say 

its ok to be you its ok to get a different viewpoint 

Stick with me tigers I will be typing away until my late 90's :) 

-Rave Rev