Friday, March 11, 2022

why does the west have such unimaginable wealth and prestige ? well its the amount of intergalactic souls that they harnessed that gave them extraordinary amounts of knowledge and power, hell was literally turned into a free will planet and you either die away in poverty as a non initiate or you join us and give up your soul for the rest of time and receive ur ration card all of seeming freewill of course (sarcasm and blackmail) The west is also really heavily financed by the heroin trade including the human trafficking of children and incredibly beautiful men or women charging $2m an hour for release -the freemasons and eastern star among others have literally overtaken quadrillions of individual soul power and used it for their benefit this is why you dont see supposed ancient cultures that have insane amount of wealth like in india or africa but of newer cities and countries like USA canada and UAE etc its so amazing to think about but these ancient cultures are not infested with masonry so they will never really have finance on their side to help them grow not a priority