Wednesday, March 09, 2022

Official edict on the camerlengo of the COT - if in case I get literally assassinated by Palladian Masons a search will be conducted on behalf of the ministry with about 35% of my holdings and resources and a suitable new guru must be found to continue the operations of the Church in my absence, this is kind of like the lineage of the babas and may not even include a trusted friend or relative of mine but a totally random eccentric indigo elitist or elder to carry on the functions of the church with the same duties as the Guru (this individual may not be born yet,)they could be found after 5-120 yrs after my passing to the peace matrix for a life of enlightenment for all of time and all of eternity..... which the candidate would have to be an alumni at altering humanity a tad in the favor of all that is good, beautiful, loving, whole and happy a black cat eating meat and kibbles