Friday, March 11, 2022

Gay men are naturally masochistic and inflict pain on others endlessly because they take it in the behind honestly I have done it that way a few times in my life and it hurt like fuck I dont even think I was born with a prostate lol deffo was not born to be a bottom thats fur sure this illusion of twenty min orgasms is ok and all if you can achieve them but sex is a huge massive illusion by the system because it does not teach non binary ways of making love its like literally sucking or fucking or if you are really weird leather nips and piss hahaha gay culture is just mesmerizing to me sometimes and I belong to it in some small way its always something to celebrate but there are such things as non sexual emotional relationships or even str8 that only have sex once every few months etc you have to think out of the box on this or you just attract a sex addict that will render you a disposable asset once they find somebody two inches bigger to stuff into themselves lolz

always love who you are and save yourself for your soulmate he will come to you when you least expect it :) dont be a cookie cutter gay or lesbian think differently approach things differently think out of the box your soul depends on it !!