Friday, March 11, 2022

ALWAYS Fight for the underdog (trans -gay - racial - thieves + prostitutes+ animals+ aids+ working poor and homeless etc) the very nature of you ascending to the realms of pure bliss for all of time and all of eternity depend on it

Nobody thinks critically enough to wonder if the rapist or murder is being treated humanely... we are taught to hate within a 12 second news report... that is totally wrong and biased to make you hate or like something immediately by face pulled back plastic surgery sellouts -what we should hate per se is a justice system that is flooded with secret society initiates to lock away as much people as possible and yes even people that rape or murder deserve our compassion ....and a restorative justice system....  a life locked away until you die is insane and this is nazism and the fact that we approve of this locking people up for twenty years for selling a dime bag honestly is the biggest nightmare of our time and incredibly barbaric not to mention the social mechanics that go on at prisons you're a target no matter where you are, especially if you are different -"he got what he deserved for stealing from cabins now he will be raped every day by a 400 lb cell mate" and you my friend just bought urself a one way ticket to hell, perhaps if you didnt accept everything in this world at face value you would be able to see compassion in everything imaginable, this place was not for me, but I will return home to my solar system or reality one day and it will be beautiful to finally be around those of my own kind, that think like me, that accept me for my mistakes and my compassion for the suffering of all beings...slaves are the most psychotic and 100% of the world is is completely run by them
their solar sun cult slaving for their objects its mesmerizing to think about how many are trapped here in this reality prison matrix shopping mall hell dimension!