Saturday, February 12, 2022

Yeah everyone absolutely fantasizes about warhol yes he was great and all but if he had todays graphics programs like and a good cache of source graphics no doubt he would make 3,000,000 pieces of art honestly the 80's and 90's were true grit it was not okay to be gay or bi or lez let alone trans ace etc and there was major eyes on him due to his notoriety they would always try and plant things at parties etc it was a meticulous game of cat and mouse for an artist of his magnitude he was scared of health care and had an innerstanding that even marijuana could get you put away for 70 years if warhol was able to express the fullest confines of his sacred masculinity anything is achievable and anything is possible by our standards things are pretty good and all technologically legally freedom and human rights etc but you could see a time when all artists intelligentsia rebels protesters religion and other avenues are simply put under house arrest I cant shake the feeling like I could use about a petabyte at this point terabyte doesnt even cut it and I deffo need a quantum computer hahaha

I'm actually really sorry to say now that I studied hundreds of lesser known warhols he had real style but lacked a sexual nature which is ironic sign of the times his graphics programs were like probably insane expensive to run and do and ahead of its time but still limited in function, I am confident at this point that I can pretty much out do any of the greats now, the irony is so funny cause my bank acct is generally apocalyptic lol :) If warhol saw my art he would deffo want to learn moar...6610 male art pieces done named and signed in collage and stencil format babes :) lovely welcome to the Matrix 5