Monday, February 14, 2022

The freemasons are on high alert for insurrection to bring down their entire system and its inhabitants as we know it - we will all be locked up forever in camps until all dissent against the structure ceases

Wtf is skull and bones doing drinking blood out of Geronimo's skull bone>? and soul harnessing the spirit and power of Geronimo for their means in absolute soul entrapment

Wtf is her majesty Regina Elizabeth II doing eating native children?
wtf is the Vancouver Police doing driving prostitutes to the pig farm to be eaten by fraternity/sorority members of UBC & SFU in a greek life taking oath? later these people that ate human meat became the controllers of this earth.
Wtf is up wif Prince Andrew gross what a pig buying time with a high class callteen lolz 
wtf is up with all the ritual murders of freedom fighters and resisters
wtf is Julian Assange still doing in jail?