Thursday, February 17, 2022

I have never read a book quite like Shaun A Delage’s “Zenophobic.” Epic and sweeping, it’s a journey that will carry you along, sometimes without even really knowing why. That isn’t a negative, it’s a compliment to the mystique Delage utilizes in his writing. Click is a dark haired, nerdy guy who lives in two worlds – the virtual one, Zenophobic, and the so called real one. There are moments when it is hard to decide which one he is venturing through, a fact that the author plays on and encourages. Click grows throughout this raver inspired tale – it’s a night club rich narrative that dances with Techno and self-realization. Diagnosed with schizophrenia at the tender age of 22, Click offers a unique perspective to his story, a way of looking at life, and the virtual world he relishes, through the lens of an almost 30 year old athletic gay guy. I noticed that this story has a soft appeal, it pulls you in and invites you to take this trip with Click before you even realize you’ve accepted. It ends well, something for a short time I wasn’t expecting. As a debut novel, this is an A+ effort – I am excited to see what else he comes out with