Thursday, February 17, 2022

Grand Dame Programming

its true that while 420 does do the stuff you say once you normally go through an onset in mental illness and are medicated and stabilized you can continue with it as sacred herb your whole life in absolute peace and harmony with your emotions, while psychiatry is quick to vilify the evil weed they do not have any way of judging your future choices, ironic that such a healing herb can also cause so much distress mentally for some people that are already psycho - 420 is a powerful nootropic that boosts and zaps creativity by 10,000 % I will smoke weed until the day I die and there is nothing that the world can do about it - its legal here so they cant put you on a psych ward anymore or arrest u for buying a dime bag, we need to end the drug war and give all citizens legalized drugs in all forms incl heroin etc and some form of basic income to lift millions out of the streets and from despair, if you are not very creative 420 will be of no use to you other than make you go psycho you need to tap into your peace matrix to be able to innerstand