Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Edict on downgrade of ministerial alert - Code SILVER

 The ministry has been downgraded to code silver, the lowest possible alert for my blogbuddies and readers I can say from experience of living a whole day under martial law that there is no military in the streets there is no riots there is no chaos and no police gestapo knocking on doors all is well and the weed is overgrowing, the govt lol anyways just an edict to downgrade the alert system

Code RED - highest possible alert no posts in 6-16 days means catastrophic spectacular downfall of the entire church lolz (just me hahaha)

Code Blue - elevated alert - super cautious mainly used for times of medical/housing distress

Code Silver - lowest possible alert but still cautious, if the guru does not post within 16 days it is assumed something crazy/masonikkk has happened