Sunday, February 20, 2022

Edict on definitions

 I felt the need to clarify whether I support the over throw of the Canadian Government

absolutely not !! my country has been very kind to me, and remains one of the last bastions of total freedom on the planet 

while I cannot ignore the fact that eye personally was involved in a mega ritual with her majesty the queen - I must state here that I live in HER domain and I am a subject of HERS

while I feel native people should have been given the chance to make an impact 

I swear allegiance to her majesty the queen and heirs 

I am now (as of a few days ago) a card carrying member of Trudeaus Liberal party

I cannot ignore the fact that any party in power has flaws and pros and cons 

but the Liberals and NDP are my strongest affiliations 

The church does not support the overthrow of any democratically elected government 

and yes it is okay to support and disagree with current events and touchie subjects that come up 

I find as a buddhist I do not really support much orthodoxy 

I find as a conspiracy theorist I cannot support half the shit out there because it is all kooks that are totally against LGBT etc

I use the title of Rev DR but cannot stomach the fact that the same titles are used by the godhates fags church ministers

so I feel trudeau has acted eloquently in dealing with this mob of incest children trying to over throw canada 

its an insane world and its okay to see yourself in RAINBOW rather than black and white 

and its okay to like and not like certain things and have varying degrees of involvement 

do I support trudeau ? well I kind of have too lol I do not agree with a few things like freezing a 80 year old gramma bank acct cause she supported freedom but I do agree that he has dealt with all of this with a sense of patience.

THE WORLD is not black and white and there is no enemy and there is no opposing sides

seems my fight remains with being a counsellor of diversity 

I know I can be quite an insane reverend to follow I just hope you allow me to switch back and forth on things sometimes and appreciate each and every one of you that comes to the ministry day in day out for advice 

Thanks for listening :)

-Rave Swami