Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Edict Ministerial changes on coded system

 The Ministry downgraded from code silver (canada martial law) to no actual code for a few hours, [martial law being rescinded?]

now The Edict of the Guru of Buddhism is to change the code system for the ministry to code RED

The highest possible code for posts within 6 days means the ministry has ceased to function 

This code is enacted due to the threat of worldwide war and the possible spread of fascist propaganda and psychological operations

While the ministry continues on as normal until the code is released there is the threat of catastrophe

to see the level of programming were under take a look at this diagram 

were programmed to believe russia is past alaska and Canada when all that is holding Russia and china back from north america is sea for example for thousands of miles its just canada and we dont have much of a defence 

were programmed with the EARTH view when it should be more like this: