Thursday, February 10, 2022

Are we really going to bestow $70,000,000 CAD dollars onto Guru Delage? He will be worth more than president obama or archuleta ? hahaha if he works for it and manifests every day despite his enemies he will come out victorious with the lord buddhas help.... his enemies will kill themselves when they find out, Shaun works hard every day to manifest a vastly different reality if they worked one ounce as hard they could achieve vastness, their suicide would be cowardly.....To date rev delage has amassed karmic rewards in the sum of a billion or two so anything less would seem natural, Rev Delage holds a powerful indigo elder spirit that has worked tirelessly to forward his human race REV DELAGE will always be looked after, after 6610 pieces of art and an 11 year old ministry Rev Delage has worked endlessly in causes of social welfare and compassion with little to no monetary reward, it will be by galactic decree that this individual will be renumerated :) Rev Delage is totally prepared emotionally for massive wealth and the hidden world of god or buddha always takes care of their own, if he switches allegiances for example there will be a spectacular downfall of his riches he must always be on the side of good or that is clean or beautiful and loving you know people will seek out his guidance about how he was able to manifest such vastness give it time people underestimate the power of manifesting they are simply too occupied rev delage will manifest all he seeks and much much more