Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Yes there is many many gods and goddesses there is archetypes of organized religion, but there has to be something out there somewhere for some of us that are rebels and free thinkers not brainwashed masses, people often wonder if I am enlightened, I mean I would never ever proclaim myself to be higher than an another while I use the titles I do it is not based out of narcissism ego, long time readers of my virtual ministry would have zero doubts about my inherent enlightenment shuttered away from the matrix like a leper -the dirty little thief and hooker deserved what he got so to speak anyways I am here as your advocate and the emissary of the peace matrix which means everlasting life in the most intelligent pure and beautiful realms for the rest of eternity and for all of the rest of time...isnt that something worth fighting for? who would want to be endlessly trapped in matrix shopping malls forever ? I for one would not ^.^