Friday, January 28, 2022

u cannot help others thru suffering without going thru suffering urself....I utilize things like a soup kitchen to feed my starving artist side while planning for when I have millions, the irony is -is that I could never actually volunteer at the said soup kitchen due to my nausea and injuries in my wrists -I tried serving coffee a few times and my hands just shook spilling it all over a chinese girls literal vagina like scalding hot !!! without walking down a path of extreme adversity I could not counsel people properly on how to live their lives....The dirty little thief cut his wrists he got what was coming to him, the dirty little hooker is asexual wow what a surprise, non binary matrix busting at its finest

I am confident that if they knocked me off tomorrow I [and ALL my loved ones, but NOT all my relations] would be welcomed into the highest possible realms for all of time and all of eternity - what a blessing from the dhamma - because I chose to walk a different path and uncover the illusions of "earth" and "freemasonry" [even the supposed 'mother theresa' was a sadistic lady of the eastern star and was probably not invited to the higher realms,] many popes/kings/queens/actors/singers etc are enjoying their time in a sadistic hell realm for all they have done to people.... in fact many many millions get turned down for an eternity of peace light and love only to be cast into the places in between hell and heaven.... This invitation is not given to those that sellout for example or do not achieve immensity in their lives or work tirelessly for the good of humans being younger gay men and others that are desperately looking for answers because they are highly intelligent and highly evolved but also trapped in this virtual world prison until they die....I do this for furries and women too hahaha cats dogs all beings, in fact we were all in insect or worm at some point and were brutally killed by humans, be kind to all beings and please choose the middleground in all dealings and you will fare really really well - in fact better than 90% of your earthling peers
If you do not or will not Eat the same food as a street or homelesss person due to personal views, you will never really innerstand exactly what it is like to go thru adversity and trauma. For the wealthy never go a day without a fine meal and fine chocolates, some people that are targeted ind. or street people go many days without any nourishment but the nazi drug crystal meth....what a sad life, if you do not eat a biscuit that is stale or an apple that is bruised or cannot empathize with somebody who is suffering there is no saving u :(