Friday, January 28, 2022

To her excellency the governor general of canada and the college of physicians and surgeons alleging a monarch slave MK ultra massive hollywood conspiracy - to date my complaints alleging abuse by royalty, actors and actresses, vice presidents of banks, ambassadors, shriners, lions club, famous drag queens and MK ultra beta Sex programming have been totally ignored by both institutions among others like federal and local police, political parties, the hague and queen beatrix etc etc

 Please grant my pleas for justice and recognize this whole shebang in official records- grant statehood to the nation of the Church of Techno. [a 16 block radius in a major Canadian city, with the swiss guard and United nations Security detail against assassin and sex  freemasons would suffice] and at a very minimum $1,000,000 CAD a day for life,  indexed to inflation for the city state to operate payable by Regina Elizabeth II whoever she is? also a one time cash grant every 10 years payable to the COT :) This is for the gurus lifetime but also into the vast future estate of the nation of COT -END the war on and provide restitution for pain and suffering in the amount of $100 Billion to Louis Farrakhan, Snowden, Colton Harris-Moore, Julian Assange,  Cathy OBrien, Crypto Couple Heather Morgan & Ilya Lichtenstein,  Peng Shuai, Chelsea Manning, and properly investigate the deaths of Epstein, mcafee, aaron swartz, JJ brine, Michael Alig, Anthony Bourdain, among other monarch slave MK ultra mind control assets - Investigate with powers of arrest- The Order of The Eastern Star & Lions Club & Skull and Bones & Odd fellows + Rotary & + Bilderburg + Bohemian Grove + Book And Snake + all minor level fraternities and sororities, secret societies and dinner clubs like international turtles club and FREEMASONRY + Order of the Garter + Shrinerz are 卍NAZISM卍 for drug smuggling and human experiments,  adrenochrome harvesting by police services, murder games, bbq'ing human meat etc