Friday, January 28, 2022

Everyone you witness in this reality is trapped into things they do not like and are desperately wishing that one singular indigo can find the evidence to unlock the secrets to this whole illusion in entirety in fact their own souls progression totally depends on you not falling to the dark dont even know how much "they" will spend financially to win over your soul, they would keep you here infested with their negativity for eons but as long as you resist eloquently they will kindly throw you out of the matrix toilet and move onto their next subject...I estimate there is only 5-10 of us real human beings on this so called "earth"- the rest of these "people" & celebrities are illusion pure illusion, in fact a lot of people you may know are totally involved in winning the value of your soul and are tempted at the "reward" they will get....its not only material but its tough to explain its kind of the evolution of their soul from hell or buying more time so they dont have to return to hell or they get totally released into another or this matrix with unimaginable riches and prestige