Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Edict on faith

 Yes many of you are probably wondering right now what exactly is this religion the church of tekno and who is responsible and what do they believe in....well I leave that solely up to my blogbuddies 

I believe in good and god and mostly a lord buddha but also in a faculty of divine beings charting the course of many universes and yes they love every single being that inhabits all realities this was the gift of the divine mother to all her children that they may find everlasting peace and comfort in the most serene ways 

I do believe in evil as well, moreso than regular folk...my jaded history has me resting somewhere in the middle kind of like a gray area but I have been helped along tremendously by both sides 

however when faced with the choice of selling out for masonic satanic forces I chose a path that would not really reward that much- well maybe later in life but what is the point of that

I feel like I have passed it up a few times this crown so to speak but I am so stubborn I chose the path with the less materialism its fucked who knows a curse I bear but the situation so to speak did not feel right universally each time, if its my time to come it will be my own manifestation which is pure and everlasting just my unshakable faith in good has me injured beyond belief but that choice, eAch choice layered on with a meaning it is immense so thanks to everyone that has been with me so long

when faced with good or bad choices these days I always choose the middleground and monastic way of thought over black or white 

like eating hummus instead of meat 

I will not go out as an evil person but a paradox neither good nor evil just a mish mash of anomaly its great but when faced with better choices higher echelon of being thank the high heavens for technology for tekno has made me enlightened by listening to hundreds of hundreds of thousands of hours of it alien tunes downloading 1TB every 3 minutes from aliens

oh there is a vietnamese lady claiming to be the queen of canada and is attacking people lol only in 2021/2022