Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Edict on misc garbled up lane of excess.....

"I want my livers!!"

A little calm before the storm, you will need it lolz


Captivation series (almost done the entire series I have like two more koots to do and maybe another rotarian hehe) then I go on into more philosophical topics as audio discourses -I have 9 pages that I scraped from the internet -I figure its a good start -one sentence topics to blab on and on about for at least 11 min so I comply with the audio platform

if you didnt know already masons can eat my fuck
bahaha I obtained my Doctorate in Philosophy in Religion while already ordained with a doctorate so that brings up a whole philosophy like can you be a Doctor while obtaining another doctorate so hence the dutch title of Dr Multi - I think I had one honorary in divinity it cost $20 Usd along with a $5 Sainthood lol at like age 22 got my masters at 24 yrs and got my PhD 2 years later now if that isn't impressive I dunno what the hell to tell you lulz & wtf seriously when will zenophobic become apart of the metaverse?

Continuation of the Captivation Political Manifesto Series .....