Saturday, October 02, 2021

So I am able to take on more contest clients basically the gist of it all is I enter contests on ur behalf for like ever and if u win we get to split the prize or u buy out my half and if u win something of value plz sell or buy me out i take care of all the nitty gritty like entering every day and u can elect to have all the contest spam emails sent to ur own acct or eye can just manage it for you it takes about ten hours to set up then about half an hour a day right now i enter for about three people incl myself and i could easily take on about ten more this is ideal for people that dont have the time etc i do need some personal info like bday address age etc and i dont charge a fee except fifty percent of winnings or i ask if u win a trip or something i cant take maybe treat me to a few dinners if u win i use roboform and have been at this for about 20 yrs i hafta say it may take some time for a win to come and there are skill testing questions but i just use google for thos or pause my ph while i type it into google anyways i do this as long as u want and only 50% so a win win fur all of us lemmie know here or via message if ur interested only canada and usa plz in fact i could take on about ten more no problem just adds ten min to my routine hehe there are tons of small prizes every few months the big ones are rare but about every five years my contest service suits friends and family that want to enter all the contests but either dont have the time or a computer or just dont know about contesting neways if u have any questions at all lemmie know however i do need some identifiers like bday age email current mailing address and u will thank me when ur first win hits ur email hehe I don't really care about the super small prizes I mean just enjoy them so anything over $100 or so you have to make some effort to compensate me I have a massive all in one computer to pay off ahahaha its really no trouble for me to add somebody to my routine like I said I could probably do about 10 or so with no problem, for those unaware there are about thousands of singular contests I will enter you in and then dailies are about 1/2 an hour a day and if you elect to manage your own contest email you will be surprised at the amount of spam from entering all these from day one - I strive to be able to manage these emails for you as well as part of my service !! there are also weekly ones and probably 4 out of 10 contests can be frustrating to say the least my biggest win was 14k for me and my friend to split and a trip to montreal etc and my most recent win was some ice cream (I think) and a lady gaga contest we all won something in so I have loads of time and you may not so this would suit a friend or family member that wants to be literally in every contest imaginable I use the site contest girl btw its the best site Canada has mandatory skill testing questions that look like this (2x4) + 1 - 2 = so that is up to you to either figure out or google when they call or send you the release form but I do enter them on contests for you that require them up front oh another contest I won recently was 650 airmiles too hehe