Wednesday, September 15, 2021

So many people are preoccupied with the legality of my art work whether I will get sued for using things like chip bags or logos or whatever like pepsi cans and are obsessed with me adding things like watermarks to the art honestly I just want to make art I dont let fear get to me whether I will be one day sued its just I hope I have a cool million to afford a reasonable lawyer before that happens lol they were gonna sue warhol but he just got immensely famous and it would have sunk campbells soup honestly I think they have wrapped the world in so much legalese that it really stifles true creativity to the point that nobody does art and just works in their cubicle all their life never really achieving their true potential, for me its expressive I have a fearless aspect to it yes I do infringe copyrights probably 3500 out of the 5k I have done so take me to the effing electric chair LOLZ 😛 I am a brazen fearless bugger and wild child Indian hahaha what are they going to do take the $1.20 I have in my bank acct lolz