Wednesday, August 11, 2021

tik and talk by rave guru


Hey blawgbuddies like always it has been too long since I did a written discourse….been mega into the visual lately…So much going on in the world its so tough to keep up…I strive to manifest a good life for myself so I do not get carried away by fear. There is a massive societal freemasonic experiment going on and its goalz are to trap every god oriented soul in this place forever and ever for all of eternity…it starts in little steps like casually stripping away basic human rights and then requiring one to have a passport to enter into basic realms of society like library or restaurant, we are witnessing legal death by lethal injection…its being carried out systematically in our society under the guise of health…more people are dying from this vaccine cocktail than the actual disease itself, people are being harvested for their bodies, organs, and possibly the nature to their soul. We are living in the new nazi era where 97% of the populace is willing and ready to do what they are told under the fear that they will catch a deadly disease, the massive psychological operations regarding covid is immense you cant even say covid in chat without them slapping a disclaimer on it that it is safe and effective…isn’t this fucked? What happened to free speech we enjoyed years ago where any subject online wasn’t policed…I know this because I was maliciously kicked off two social media platforms, for nudity strikes but I quantify that it was other things like my lottery manifesting videos and manifestos etc that did it, I am a known anomaly and a known terrorist – honestly if a month goes by and I do not get challenged by some report of social media threatening to ban or suspend me I am shocked lol some months I get so many strikes I have to go get a pre roll for the stress….u literally are being pushed out as a detested human being if you are not vaccinated and they are slowly dismantling all human rights and freedom of speech for this fucked up craze or fad…I know covid may exist to some degree but my spiritual nature teaches me that everything in this reality is illusion they can infect your matrix pod with whatever they want and those that do not subscribe to fear and such are rare…people fear death so much that they will give into lethal injection to combat that fate. These societal things have been happening for generations but I don’t even feel that our reality is what they say it is like new York Egypt romans greek queens Africa etc its all fucken illusion this whole realitea is totally a huge massive lie instituted by the secret societies as a virtual world concentration camp for rebels and people kidnapped by the galactic forces and placed in a semi neutral environment with seeming free will to live out their sentence, if you liberate people and save countries and make decisions for the good you are soul harnessed and trapped wherever they want you  to be and they are advancing in science and medicine so much that you have to literally prepare to be here for 400 years now honestly if you die by 70-80-90 ish that will be rare in the next 30 years you will probably see advancements so profound that they will extend your life here forever or at least 5-10 times longer than people have lived the past few hundred years….think about it, virtual world, robotic enhancements, we will most likely see the time where human beings will not even have to use the bathroom anymore it will be teleported out of our bodies instantly…to prepare for these massive changes you have to ask yourself do I want to manifest enough money to live on for 400 years can I ? and you probably wont be very happy working as a slave for 400 yrs anyways so time to bring your reality to fruition, I offer vision board and video creation service to help accelerate your manifesting on the etsy tab at the top of this blog.

So many are going to evil and willing to do anything to survive and who can blame them ? 7 hours of serious hunger will lead anybody on the wrong path, there is nothing to say in praise of poverty but you can change your life to the better if you are not already a multi millionaire and the church has many many souls that are far richer than the average blogbuddy reading my words again and again the swami has lived as a recluse and renunciate for about 20 years, supported by the state so all basic needs financially are covered and for life, this gets rid of the survival mechanism and allows one to relax and give back to the world in small but profound ways, people do not get because of their indoctrination that some people cannot work, its not because they are lazy but because they lack the motivation to enter into the solar sun cult everyday…some of my hinderances include severe dexterity issues in both hands I am about at 85% so this eradicates any server or busboy job coffee job etc that I can do and I have severe nausea so that eradicates any hard work so I am left with a handful of jobs I could in effect do but because I have never really been employed longer than a year  to gain valuable slave references I am an outcast, thankfully I have the lord buddhas instruction in my life and my basic needs are taken care of, I am truly in wonderous grateful attitude every single bite of every single meal for there are countless BILLIONS on earth that do not even get one meal a day.99% of the wealthy are all initiated sellouts the remaining 1% are anomalous that got there by chance. They flaunt the 12 year old singer that makes $4,000,000 a concert in  your face showing them arrive by stretch limo with a security detail –could you imagine what this does to the psyche of an ironworker that makes a few thousand a month to support his family? They have dogs that fly on private jets yet most people will never step on one in their entire life. I have made the decision not to travel especially to the USA and not to any country with the death penalty. I know with my history I am a target for assassin masons and blackmail including false criminal and sexual accusations so it would be so simple to say oh he snuk this coke on a plane trip to san fran and suddenly I find myself locked up for 50 years in a USA jail or given the death penalty in countries I do not know much about like china, I have decided now is not the time to travel and will stay in Canada for the time being –I am not even going to renew my passport in a few years

The psychological operations regarding covid are immense you cannot turn it off and everyone has a different perception. Essentially what we are witnessing is a massive freemasonic medical conspiracy being played out and nobody knows who is involved, this goes into galactic law that dictates when the cattle will be slaughtered and sold off and lethally injected. But to go to the insane level of requiring a vaccine passport to enter public transport or a restaurant is just fucking bonkers, people think this is a good thing WHAT THE FUCK people think this is normal, WHAT THE FUCK, and it will all lead into the social credit system that they have been perfecting on a billion Chinese, not to be racist but most of them have the same structure in their face and bodies so if they can track that many people in real time imagine how well their system will perform globally. WELL this all has a good ending, the guru has been incarnated as an emissary of the peace matrix and an indigo elitist, I am an advocate for human rights and social activism these freemasons and eastern star witches and lions clubs and rotary etc have eradicated too many cultures by their own willingness to keep going it will be stopped and I will rather die for my beliefs than hand over my soul via blood oath to the archon and royal majesty of earth. I was born to shine light on a massive Hollywood conspiracy in Monarch slavery in Canada to bring about the peace matrix in heaven if you will for all of eternity –god wanted somebody to show the world how they do it and I have achieved so much with my manifesto you can find it in the @rchive tab on the top of this blawg

Anyways I hope you are all doing well I have tons of traffic and now own about 7 or 8 blogs so I am keeping super busy and staying visually adept and I invite you to grow and prosper with the swami forever. <3 Rev Guru Shaun D