Thursday, August 12, 2021

SO I have decided to do the nasty and get the vaccine, this still doesnt stop my mindset of distrusting the mainstream etc anyways I just have people that surround me that love and care for me and they do not want my freedoms to be restricted and just being able to see that everyone that got it that I know is actually okay and its not really being used for population control lol and I would love to travel sometime and do not really want my basic freedoms to be subjected to be able to go to a restaurant or whatever still honestly I just think that its not a good thing that I am kind of forced to get it but if I die by lethal injection I have lived a good life lol I am normally anti vax and stuff so this was a 360 see how things can switch from one day to another my lengthy discourse yesterday and today I am totally anew and different this is the nature of being alive to adapt its been a rough ride but I figure its time to grow with the rest of humanity-> god I am worried though lol :)