Monday, August 23, 2021

Now is NOT the time to oppose the power structures in place dear blogbuddies - but to find ways to work with the system and if you cannot do that please just work on yourself enough that you can intellectually challenge the system now is NOT the time to protest or rebel they are far too powerful to bring down, rebellion is natural but you must find ways to work with the system to be able to live a long life outside of prison apparatus, so no protests against vaccine no black bloc etc I even advise against most international travel unless absolutely necessary Please hang in there cuties I know things are happening at record speed but the answers will come to you when you meditate in silence or to fnoob :) Don't get me wrong however I do believe you have the duty to stand up for yourself and others just dont go out looking for trouble...even use lethal force if you must but just dont be of a nuisance to the system or you will be taken care of.....honestly you can still stand up for what you believe in and not be on the front lines of protest camps its just they are far too powerful right now and in the coming years they will have you carted off for reprogramming and detention if you are a thorn in the systems side its tough to explain but this whole reality and its oversight are alien in nature and we are preparing to be entered into the galactic family its just inconceivable to most that you are bringing more harm on yourself by protesting against proud boys or at an old growth logging camp for example, never do anything that could jeoprodize your freedom