Monday, August 30, 2021

I act ethically to make a living by rave swamiiii


A crazy time to be alive….There is a massive orchestrated attempt to guide all of humanity down a singular path….and not many of us are willing to go down routes for example and people do fight if their rights are being hindered in some way…I strongly believe that they have been quietly making preparations to launch us all into the global new world order, and yes they will be very successful at it. They have all sorts of sound weapons and weird alien shit we don’t even know and if you are a big problem they will just sedate you and drag you away. The global vaccine passport system is kind of a kindergarten into the social-credit system much like they are psychologically preparing you to tap and go with ur microchip to process payment easily. The social credit system is so perfect that it has reigned in countless galaxies from free will planets to planets of total control. Anyways I do believe you should not occupy your thoughts with everything that is going on in the world but occupy your thoughts to manifest greatness, so that no matter what happens you will have a cache of emergency food and gold to keep you healthy. I have some good news to report – I found my dream job it is delivering papers at 3 am hahaha perfect for a night owl and I only need a few hundred more a month to keep sane and fed thankfully I am in a country with a social welfare system that cares reasonably well for its citizens where in other countries the marginalized are forced to work until they die. Everyone should have work in their life if they want it and my struggle has been with numerous disabilities and I am anti everything including authority so in my 24 years since I have been employed I finally found an awesome monks job hehe a lot of my pain comes from when I almost lost my life….the thieves curse, you steal from others so you should suffer punishment. A lot of my crimes I got away with per se but I think of the day I almost lost my life at the very least would have suffered the loss of both hands, I think to myself where the fuck was god when this was taking place. I have had a very difficult life through adversity and trauma and when you cut almost an inch into both wrists and don’t die it just gets to you….I would not have found my calling through art, I would have never written zenophobic, I would have never had the best friends in the globe, but most of all I think about that day how I would have lost out on all that I have gained in the last 20+ years I would have never been given the chance to prove myself, to have come from such a life of severe poverty that I had to be a smooth talker and con some dollars out of giving old ladies I mean to come from all that and to live…to be able to see the wrong in my life and address serious issues with my soul…My brazen suicidal self just blasting through cash filled escapades only to figure out in the end that it doesn’t matter all that teenage shit that bogs people down like insane – it took a few epiphanies to realize what I was doing was not leading me down the right path, much of it was vipassana meditation that eradicated the negative trauma cycle I was in but I also met god one day and it changed my life…I was high on crystal meth doing community service at a catholic diocese and smoking it out of lightbulbs wherever I could find a spare room, I was at the pits of suffering recovering from the hippy gypsy cult and smoking meth to pass the time, I remember sweeping up needles on the front porch of the mission when I saw an immaculately dressed vivid blue mother of god or nun and she looked me straight in the eye and said THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU ARE DOING HERE!!! She beamed like god would and just smiled at my soul, I almost broke down at that point and turned my life completely around I wanted to live an honest life and was tired of making $400 an hour as a call boy and stuffing thousands of dollars in my pocket from a string of genius level thefts…meeting the old mason shriner in his penthouse with my twin I just almost lost it at that point in fact I did –this matrix was too much to take I needed like 5 different month long stays at the hospital before they diagnosed me with a mental illness I was in a way shocked that it had gone on that long without intervention and relieved in a way because the diagnosis meant I may never have to work again in my entire life, now many decades later I am bringing in the stacks of cash in a different way…manifesting vastness so that I can mysteriously intervene in peoples lives, I see so much pain in the world and when you smile people can see how happy you are. I strongly believe we are not here to oppose everything in a protest black bloc scenario but to try and find workarounds to life. To be an advocate for those that cant speak for themselves to be a universal guide for a multifaith. I am struggling even to afford fruit but I know one day I will have so many damn fruit cups it will be impossible to eat it all hahaha The universe and world works VERY very slowly if you receive any benefit that takes less than a decade watch out it usually comes at a price, so here I am starting my new life being a friendly guide for those that want to listen, quietly and diligently doing my work in an insane system to live in, travelling the cosmos with my raver pals in the dream world and trying my best with what little I do have, and isn’t this the essence to life, not to wear 17 diamond necklaces and arrive in a chauffeur driven maybach only to be whisked away to a secret society luncheon where you rape and stab a baby then off to the ritzy gala to be photographed wearing a $750K diamond ring….the people that truly want you to succeed will do anything within their power to get you there, I am slowly recovering and making peace with my past so that I can better understand suffering and the ancient lineage of the babas indigo elitists, please work with what little you have, you can achieve great things with small steps and if you can do great things in a small amount of time I pray that you do it right and with honesty and patience, because divinity is the sincerest patience, it waits for you on endless paths figuring yourself out, maybe one day each and every one of you will “meet god” I could not have been the person I am today without that chance encounter on the needle filled street with the mother superior I would not have found the lord Buddha to appease to my highest form of intellect and without suffering you cannot realize your path you must walk through pain sadness and sorrow to become vast. 

-Rev St. Shaun A Delage PhD

p.s. Birds, the closest to the heavens have to eat trash to survive lol ^.^