Sunday, August 08, 2021

Edict on monarch sciences and psych wards

The big major issue that nobody ever thinks about is - is most of these "dr's and nurses" are INITIATED secret society members not just masons but elks and rotary and eastern star for women tasked wif guarding the matrix so to speak so these so called professionals are included in the trauma abuse professions in which initiate things like ritual and sex magic on their members so this in effect with all the torture of the so called degrees behind them will inflict untold amounts of reverse hate and trauma on the people they are tasked with guarding the lives of....nurses and doctors have to belong to secret societies to keep their jobs which are even rumored to eat human meat and do ritual magic I know this all sounds crazy but this is the kindergarden to years of monarch slavery and mk ultra research .. I was given a masonic handshake by a doctor sigmundson whom was tasked with deciding if people can change genders btw lol and when I wrote to the college of physicians and opened the case they sent back their final decision which stated that all I am paranoid is the masons and he did not give me a masonic handshake ironically the same medical doctor hammel whom was my first boyfriends super rich mother was chairwoman of the board of college of physicians imagine that !!! these people are fecking monsters its a can of worms however with the residential skool stuff developing and the catholics were eating native kids, this whole society will be blown up for what it is and its a trauma abuse and sex based cult society hell dimension prison and if you say anything against it this is one of their torture methods