Tuesday, August 24, 2021

What is at stake? the battle for humanities souls for hence good or evil or in between - the astral are not defined per black and white it is highly catagorized where you end up for all of eternity - here? or in one of the infinite multitudes of galaxies elsewhere that you are invited to take part in based on ur merit this is why each choice has to lean on the rebellious creative spontaneous luck out of quadrillions a number even so unfathomable as pi quantified to the trillon 
I am a social activist confessional guru and no it has never been done before this ancient lineage of babas....its neverending but when you free countless millions from imprisonment by USA and FREEMASON intergalactic space command and into the peace matrix you tend to get a bit of good karma ;)

I plan to buy up $1,400,000 lunar, venusian and martian plotsfor the COT and emir