Saturday, June 12, 2021

Two-tier societies are emerging, with dwindling rights for the unvaccinated. Why do governments consider them such a threat?

Two-tier societies are emerging, with dwindling rights for the unvaccinated. Why do governments consider them such a threat? 

This whole thing stinks to high heaven. Just examine the logistics: it's an experimental substance. Every animal it's been tested on has died. It remains legally sanctioned only for emergency use. Big pharma actively sought, way before rollout, exemption from prosecution, which says a lot for their own confidence in this substance. This substance has led to many deaths, strokes etc. It's being called a 'vaccine', when it categorically is not a vaccine, but it is important to those pushing this stuff to create an acceptable perception in people's minds, therefore, call it something people trust, even when it isn't remotely a 'vaccine' at all. And lastly, the obscene amount of money big pharma are charging to the public purse. None of this is conspiracy, it's documented fact.

The whole thing has been a secret pandemic response scenario test. The released a fairly harmless virus and ramped up propaganda. They knew a live test would be the only way they could accurately test their control mechanisms. Now they know they can lock us down anytime they want by simply ramping up the fear. The people self now police due to institutional theory..

Humanity is under a hypnotic trance due to non-stop brainwashing through media and methods that people would not believe even if told. And that's how the Elite, the hidden Cultists, get away with this. They want humanity off the planet so they can repopulate with.....them, their kind, and no they are not human.

The reason is to encourage and coerce as many people to take the poison in as short a time span as possible. By the time they all start dying in mass we'll be in the middle of several other major crises. WE ARE UNDER ATTACK! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

One word...GREED! The elite like Bill "reduce the population" Gates are on track to make hundreds of billions with no legal recourse for ill effects the vaccine has. All this did was make the rich, richer, and the poor, poorer.

Most countries have mandatory immunization programs for diseases like diphtheria, tetanus, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, etc. Why do they do not mandate Covid-19 vaccination then ? You guessed it, they do not want to be liable for side effects. So they use coercion, but in the end you took vaccine voluntarily "knowing all the risks

Rebel. Reject the (((quarantine))) hotels. Take the "fine" and fight it in court (I'm talking Canada). I know I will do that when I travel to Bulgaria later this year and come back to this (((state))). Cause a scene at the airport, be very loud as you state the rights on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Threaten legal action against the border guard. Don't be a sheep, don't march placidly into the night.

My wife and I do not intend to have any mRNA chemical so called vaccine, as we do not want to be involved in a experimental gene therapy injection, the benefits of not taking it outweigh the risk of taking it. We think this whole pandemic, from the beginning, was about the vaccine as all roads lead to the vaccine. The spike protein generated by the vaccine is no different than the spike protein in Covid itself, both wreak havoc on the vascular system. There's a big difference between an "immune response" and rewiring your immune system so it reflexively produces toxins, that accumulate anywhere that blood flows throughout your body.

The whole vaccination that's not a real vaccination thing is an experiment in control.. Those that refused the jab (control) are the people that has shown their governments that they value freedom over blindly following dictatorial orders

Wait until winter comes and the new epsilon strain requires special booster shots for the faithful, this fiasco will never end once you give them control.

I am waiting....tens of millions will die in the coming few years. And those deaths will start by this Fall and Winter when the coronavirus hits again. No worries, the unvaccinated will take over jobs vacated by those who have died. The implications are deadly serious... 50% of the American Armed Forces may die or be side-lined by these vaccines. America may suffer a fatal national security threat. 50% of the American government may also die but they can be quickly replaced as many should be booted out anyway. Millions of doctors and medical staff may die. Nature does not differentiate. Vaccinate and face the consequences.