Friday, June 04, 2021

Spring Fling by rave rev


What is the nature of the self?  In a society that teaches people to conform to be accepted, and ur fellow man, is virtually just a hologram, all you see and speak to is illusion so they vilify the introvert and the recluse as societal outcasts, thanks blogbuddies for you ear right now as I rarely do written discourses these days however they were a highlight of the earlier days of the virtual ministry…see monarch slaves are notoriously put in difficult situations and this anxiety produces great things in the form of creative expression only because their waking life is difficult –however the true monarch slaves are never even heard about they are locked away and tortured I find it ironic that Cathy Obrien and the other monarch slave brice taylors books start off the same we had our daddies penis in my mouth since birth, this is odd because you wonder if the authors went through identical situations or if one wrote about the other after reading their book who knows, what I do know as an indigo elder is that I am probably one of only a few presidential monarch slaves operating that is gay or asexual now it is funny to be a bigger bear type gay guy yet have such a telling history under my belt so to speak but I am at a stage in my healing where it can be openly talked about like for the 4000 thefts I committed I only got caught a handful of times, and the god of surveillance has stuff on everyone lol like did you know the akashic sold us out and is recording 24/7 for alien worlds reality television in the waking virtual world for the amusement of other species? This is also connected to the god program and super imposed virtual reality broadcasting 24/7 I don’t think most have as interesting lives as monarchs or indigo elitists for example so I don’t think they are recording everyone but there is also invisible orbs that have cameras and control mechanisms that observe and report every detail on beings born in this supermax virtual reality hyper simulation…we are stolen from other galaxies and placed here against our will to be actors in a multi dimensional virtual reality…a lot of my horrific life ended the day I swore off horrors I saw the most vile one called hostel 1 and it just warped my whole fucking mind I wondered why I would be witness to stuff that is so grotesque and instead of wasting half my life on movies I set out to meditate at least an hour, some days I get up to 4 hrs but that is super lucky –I think most of the time we are consciously meditating and being aware so its all relative, most of the beings around you are involved in your incarceration and are witness to this simulation playing out and if you can imagine this whole entire reality galaxies an dimensions is technically made just for you to entrap and ensnare your soul forever and they will pay big time millions quintillions to set up an illusion of sorts to win you over including paying millions year old beings like actors to come in and really fuck things up for you emotionally and its all setup to blackmail you on obtaining the keys for your soul there are perhaps millions of these simulations playing out its as if every where you went everyone is paid a lot to be there…the sooner you start looking within you can be critical of authority which they do not want there has to be a way out for somebody that just totally hates this matrix and sees it for what it is and that is illusion…the last thing you need is to just give your whole soul to jesus or something lol god no…most people out in this system do not look within and are incapable of seeing the harm they put you through, however much you try to get to them there will always be a bit of them that is kind of feral or willing to sell you out to the cross rather than live one more day in literal working level poverty anyone you know will be lining up for the chance to get the best scene filmed for your Truman esque reality and many are enjoying many millions in royalties from cameos they do which are called recurring rolls, this matrix is flesh based so it is engrained into you that you suffer danger and damage every moment while alive while the invisible or spiritual realms would not operate in anything other than reality the tru form the true existence…the psychological operations of the last year will be immense so powerful that they have advanced thinktanks charting the course of humanity who know the course of this system in and out in several outcomes. The longer the jesus souls hang out and discover themselves the more enlightened into the matrix they become, and quite a bit can be said for the 1990’s xennials for this is when reality shifted and a new matrix was born….to be truly happy in the future many of us will generically have to become millionaires while those we suffered with have to shoot at life as a wage slave they say when your enemies ask to work for you you have truly made it…the only thing you need to concern yourself on is yourself, your own growth and your own discovery and look within its far deep in the fat of life this discovery you will find it if you spend at least a decade and meditation is not a waste of time…only creatives are able to thrive through such things as a pandemic or war – they created the pandemic because the heart chakras of humanity are too developed to war now we are beyond that and you can thank god or Buddha the angels or bastet, whatever hahaha its just funny that that shit doesn’t work on us anymore hopefully so we have another ten years of peace before aliens land so to speak but that is just coming out now stay tuned to the mainstream for aliens with 6 penis and 12 eyes so fun lolz take care blogbuddies