Wednesday, June 16, 2021

BC GOVT& Canada, UN and Buckingham Palace, ICC investigate Captivation Political Manifesto

BC GOVT&Canada, UN and Buckingham Palace, ICC investigate Captivation Political Manifesto

Please petition the matrix to investigate my claims of masonic gangstalking in the Canada - This massive illusion is funded by the secret societies and intelligence agencies to harvest souls. How is a conspiracy of this magnitude able to occur? in such a so called bastion of freedom known as Canada, directly responsible is her majesty the queen, Jessica Alba, hayden Christensen, ScotiaBank, Grand Lodge of the BC and Yukon, Dan Goodleaf the Signatory of the territory of Nunavut, Ford, Evergreen State College, sen5es bakery, Various local boutique hotels in a massive reality show being filmed for off world entertainment, secret society snuff films via the eastern star, and book and snake, lions club and Vipassana Meditation, Joan E the rapist famous drag queen, for example why is Dan goodleaf and Darlene Hammel of my manifesto employed at the same law society its all documented however lol and how many people are 'cursed' on royal walkabouts and initiated into satanic army via the thieves curse, they literally lock up rebels, gays, intergalactic royalty and film them for the dark web 24/7

If Captivation ever comes out in the mainstream the matrix will be heavily could possibly bring down the entire system in a total collapse and systemic failure