Tuesday, May 18, 2021

So many spiritual leaderz are obsessed with switching you to a different diet food wise, this is troubling I mean these enlightened beings are constantly drilling into people that what you eat is what you become etc so the only answer is a vegetarian -vegan or fruitarian diet etc this is astounding because the most elevated faiths like buddhism eat under an alms mendicant renunciate lifestyle - I live in poverty so I am lucky if 3/4 weeks I have proper meals - nearing the end of my pay cycle can be brutal living off mr noodles potatoes or bread for a week honestly I cant afford to eat things that most people take for granted but because I choose to eat meat and processed food etc canned and boxed does not make me less enlightened than another indigo elder, in fact because I am suffering I am building up merit that maybe there will be a day when I can afford proper things and luxuries but for the time being this is my reality -truth is they want to control you through nutritional deficiency so that you are better programmable despite the fact that they are so called enlightened- a true guru would never be more evolved or tell u that you need to eat differently that is taking away your free will - nourish yourself in the mindset that many many millions are going without food , thank the animal for DYING for your meal and raise the hands in praying buddhist motion for every meal thanking the universe for your nourishment no matter how gross it is it can always be worse