Monday, May 17, 2021

Imagine knowing your talent is equal to the greatest artists of all time, like warhol, dali, picasso, Basquiat, pollock, Emily Carr etc its fun to have a super ARIES EGO but that gets dampened when I check my current artist bank balance hahaha beeple can I have a bit of your sixty ninety eleventy billion? hehehe

the ironies are all too weird, like I don't really want to hand over the rights to all 4k+ digital pieces one by one selling as NFT's -money is motivating but it doesnt sicken me like the rest of humanity- I have always operated within the confines of pure love and pride and gratefulness so I try and try to improve my finances one bit at a time I just don't think NfT's are my direction I am kinda focusing on a more solid investment currently being .com domain names hehehe art - writing -blogging - ministry has always operated in the confines of non monetary non income non cash but pure love and pure talent and it will pay off one day I am doing what I love and beautiful men is one of them :)