Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Gaza’s first 3D printer, which manufactured medical devices for years, has been destroyed by an Israeli air raid.

"The Israeli aircraft shelled the whole street and the buildings, and hit the infrastructure, their aim is to destroy the economy and destroy the basic needs of the people, there is no clean water now, no sewage system, no services." - Adly Alkolak, Gaza resident

THIS CAN HAPPEN TO ANY ONE OF US HUMAN BEINGS AT ANY TIME (A WARNING to all those sitting back and watching the chaos with buttered popcorn) You are NEVER guaranteed a life without pain or suffering and you are ALWAYS in DANGER on this earth  of complete chaos Remember this, USA AND CANADA could cease to exist one day with a war or something then wtf to do everything you are used too is gone and in the past you must adapt to a new system possibly a new language or country that has invaded like China or russia for example....FIGHT and stand up for your fellow human beings or there will be endless matrixes to visit for all of your eternity no everlasting existence in pure enlightenment with the enlightened ones that have charted the course of beings for the infinite- u must be invited to the higher realms not just the middle ground astral the buddhic realms are even higher than any religions astral worlds, if you have done nothing to protect your soul group or assist others through suffering and complexity there are many other places you will go, perhaps even another run or two at this sad place until you get it....only those that have built merit that is profound are welcomed into the highest possible places for eternity, it makes sense you would want to spend all of time with like minded souls not psychos like in this reality- You have to do your work on your soul, and protect others whom are marginalized including animals and start TODAY every second is against us