Friday, May 15, 2020

The world needs more marijuana smoke !!

75% of your joint gets assimilated by the matrix
they don't want this - if they choke mother earth with fuels they will achieve their goals of enslavement 
The tests going on in 3 countries for their legalizing 420 (netherlands, canada and uruguay) is advanced psychological population study of the effects of 420 on the masses in a country which is essentially a microchip not a mass of land as you know it..
^.^ The USA is controlled by nazis and secret societies and they do not want or cannot enter into any entertainment of alternative thinking, if they do.... their eventual total universal control would fall dimensionally and catastrophe of the future timeline would be in effect altered forever -.- releasing everyone into the peace matrix ....the future worldz (Worltz) souls are not permitted free will or freedom of thought like we are.....some of them anyways and this minor alteration would cause the entire timeline to shift away from universal masonic dictatorship. smoke a blunt & b a rebel ^.^