Thursday, January 15, 2015

Chicken Charletan

What we are witnessing currently is a gradual decline in the freedoms we are so used to. Including freedom of speech, the legality to protest and freedom of association and religion.
They are using an age old mechanism to force people apart so that they revolt and demand change which includes putting more police state powers within the apparatus.
We are slowly moving towards capitalist fascism and it’s funny how they can marginalize certain groups of people and offend willingly, and when somebody breaks down your door and marginalizes and gangs up on you, who is going to defend you?
The truth is we are literally 2 or 3 nights away from a martial law scenario at all times, and people think as long as they stay shut up, and don’t have any opinions, nobody will come breaking down their door.
We are being led around from one false flag to another and then at some point there will be a boiling point because technically they are waging war on the individual, the lone wolf so to speak, so if people are afraid of terrorism everywhere they go they will be relieved to see three militarized police with machine guns, such irony.
But, they are warping up plans for the future, and it does include a pseudo soft new world order to start, going into complete capitalist fascism, and you will be given a cushy job and nice rewards as long as you prop up the structure in some way or continue to inflict harm on poorer parts of the globe in the name of the apparatus.
We are a long way from a simple execution for protesting but if you think about it, we are not that far off. A war to pit groups of people against each other like muslims and Christians and it seems this age old phenom of religious holy war that has been playing out for centuries seems to be the going game, I just think that people are willing to give away their inherent freedoms for a little peace and security.
Truth is, none of us could live without this apparatus in place and deep down inside we will do anything to protect our food, medicine and entertainment aspect of our lives to the very end, because once they start taking away peoples pills, alcohol, television or burgers people would revolt but the irony is that to keep those pleasures in place in ones life …. One would gladly take a microchip or sterilization or other even more brutal method to inflict servitude on an individual.
We live in a very chaotic time, it is chaotic because we are all just winging it day by day and the larger more organized secretive groups have plans even for the most miniscule of pawns.
It is funny because with my blog and manifesto I could technically be labelled a terrorist and thrown away lock and key, but my defense would be that I am simply a spiritual leader and matrix philosopher
This is the role of the clergy, is to aid others in seeing the present illusion and point them in ways to places that they will most benefit from…imagine telling people to close their laptops, stop reading and meditate for an hour hahaha
Truth is that the sooner you start using non compliance in certain avenues in your life the sooner you will be free and able to project that freedom on others, by not accepting the million dollar mortgage or by not buying the $79 dress shirt that will fall apart after a few washes. But if you look at your life as a whole of what you require and what you can live without it is funny how actually indebted each and every one of us are, I would say I am perhaps about 35% indebted to the system and that number is permanent but there are those that live a completely hybridic life with say 95% servitude and servitude to what ? a hefty mortgage, a high paying job, an ex model wife that demands your money, $300 plates of dinner, fancy car, coke addiction, condo, and doesnt stop short of spending $1000 a month on ties. LoL These people will gladly accept a job that inflicts harm on others, be it individuals, classes or countries.
I think these people would need the most support in case of a societal collapse because they would not understand that there is more to be human than the manufactured illusion of success.
Anyways just a short discourse from the Rave Reverend !!
-Shaun A. Delage

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