Wednesday, May 28, 2014

LeZZie BaRk

There is an equation in all of this irrefutable madness, and that is that it keeps on going perpetually. I am always highly suspicious when somebody brings up history, because I strongly believe the earth and its time and reality have been fractalized countless times, so we end up with a pseudo reality in which to live.
What makes me suspicious? Well the simple causality that most of our governers or leaders per se are secret society initiates with some sort of understanding how this reality is operating, and with that understanding you would know that we are somewhat adjudicated by a higher universal power, the infinite, but also that you look at society how it is structured currently and you understand that we are under a sort of negative hypnosis, a concurrent reality that masks itself and literally parades itself as the normal way of reality.
I hardly think in the realm of the infinite, that we would have to pay tax, pay rent, eat, slave, undergo health difficulties and deal with things such as poverty, rape, murder, and war.
There is a lot of good to this middle way reality however there is quite a bit of evil as well, and we are so organized that only a select few professionz with the above mentioned initiates gets to concern themselves with the mysteries of humanity, the rest are fed mainstream media and video games and nobody thinks to themselves about the people in the jobs such as a paramedic that has saved a heart attack patient, somebody with an impaled lung, and an amputee all in one day.
I am not too concerned with worldly events lately simply because I am not permitted to travel freely like most people, mostly due to finances and other obligations but unless you are in the Ukraine or Africa or China, currently there is no way to garner any sense of the truth, likewise, nazi Germany, 9-11 or bikini atoll for example.
It is not a position based out of ignorance it is simply an intellectual hypothesis for living your life with a sense of independence from the structure. The system is very aware of things happening presently but works to halt all sense of presence in the present moment for its inhabitants on earth.
Most people are trapped in a nether region of no time and space, simply entertaining themselves and that is the greatest illusion being played, it is ironic too that most of our reality shows and such are taped up to a year prior.
There is a literal psychotic obsession with fine tuning your thought form, and it comes with news stories of cancers –CANCERS – CANCERS !! and it goes on to about 50,000 of these typical stories a year when you factor in things like diseases, vitamins, carbs. Etc. I’m sorry in the days of our grandparents they did not worry about carbs or proteins they called it…..FOOD!
They have literally made it so that each person on earth is a terrified, self policing, self medicating, hypnotized and part of a flock. Almost ready to point out any sort of fray from normalcy in the spectrum.
I have run into this countless times online, with trolls and such just policing an unregulated wild west being the internet, and what do we have to fall back on? Well billions of words of legalese that runs the world and runs the internet rampant with subjects such as copyrights and hindering creativity to the point that people don’t really ‘create’ anything anymore, they simply regurgitate things over and over that are based within the confines of normalized American societal structure. Any sort of grey area in art is generally shut down quite quickly or any sense of creative will is usually silenced with threats of copyright infringement or lawsuit.
The only ones permitted to bring new and glorious inventions digitally are individuals that are aligned with the secret society apparatus, because what we have currently going on is a set path, and it is a set path into the future, and any sort of anomaly would threaten the system as a whole.
This is one reason why I went against the grain so to speak as an internet activist, blowing wide open the structure used to enslave me, and I continue to advocate for the freedom of marginalized beings, because nobody else can understand what it is like to be a drug addict, a thief, or a prostitute, simply because people have lived such privileged lives away from any sort of issues a matrix warrior goes through.  They lack the comprehension of such darkness along with the compassion to work with their nature to understand the madness and help others escape this cycle we are all on.
There are quite a few anomalies working in the present now, but it is a tough issue because they have their own lives challenges to deal with along with understanding that they are attacking the very idea of the future, and working to change it to their benefit.

-Shaun A. Delage

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