Thursday, April 24, 2014

SuZeTTe the SpidER

When you view this place as a temporary refuge you can find comfort in your existence, same goes with yourself, your human body, it is a temporary vessel.
There is a lot of illusion in life, and for those that can find comfort and solace amidst the madness have conquered the impossible.
So much can be learned from your intellect by how much compassion you hold in your heart, sadly enough usually compassion only comes from a multitude of suffering. When one does not witness a personal miracle even once in their life this is caused by karma of course, but for one to even overlook a simple miracle such as a cold crisp cup of pure clean water, or a nice home cooked hearty meal is simply a travesty.
Each person is different, each individual is a causality of one, each being has a new gift to give the world, and our world has gotten used to catagorizing people into genres and subcultures.
I was told recently that I should start marketing my ebook by cold calling people. I thought to myself for a few minutes, well that isn’t very conducive to my situation because I am nocturnal and the only time I have to call is in the early morning and I would feel pretty apocalyptic lol
So I thought to myself, how could I go about this, and two things rang out as a possibility, to market myself in world in second life because my target markets are there, and to market myself via post card with a snazzy book cover to people that would be keen on seeing my ebook and I think the possibilities are endless. I always thought I would want to stay away from a traditional literary aspect haha imagine that for a book lol
I find living out here in the forest I am more in line with the divine thoughtform, it is not as easily shaded by tons of electromagnetic energies like in the city, and finally some peace and quiet. It is rare to even find a car go by in a few weeks time haha
It’s funny because you have the ability to naturally recharge even on a quantum level = ten years of adversity gets melted away in a year out in the forest surrounded by natural elements.
We have a small spider that sits in the window in between outside and inside, she can go in between both worlds and enjoy heat and cold, and she has her own condo nestled in the bathroom window and I have some Buddhas and crystals up in the window so she is a spiritual spider we lovingly named suzette
Come to think of it mostly every animal we see gets the name suzette or suze or susan lol
My compassion does not overlook these creatures, I think about them constantly, how tough life must be in nature, living in a den or sleeping under a tree, outside and in the cold, but perhaps they are fine.
I strongly believe in the power of the future and the power of the unknown, which is why I have such a devotion to psychics putting you on the right path or entering a hospital lottery at $100 a ticket, because chances are, that you never know what can happen to you in the future.
I just have seen lots of people in the last few years that have done nothing with their lives but mull along, and if I am given the chance to elevate my dreams beyond comprehension like by winning a million or even 50k or a trip or whatever then I will take it, even if it means just a singular chance, cause you never know.
Which is why I love contesting and my books possibility. I have the power to dream, and pretty much I hate to say it but my criminal aspect of my teenage hood taught me to believe in the unknown and in mystery.
You never know where you will find enlightenment and ascension so keep looking until your last day.

-Shaun A. Delage

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