Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Edict on mother of the swami

FB post today:

So I am slowly making progress I am not asking people to take sides or anything its just when your mother you have lived with in stable housing kicks out her disabled son in the dead of winter with 20 min notice tries to have me committed and changes the lock there is something fundamentally wrong with her thinking process The right way would have been to at least give me a months notice but she has always treated me as a tenant and not her son. I had no lease with her so she said I will just get dragged out by the cops truth is she just wanted her apartment to have her "relationship" with her handyman and she goes off on people for their drug issues when she has serious issues with smoking and 420 but wont admit it and HIDES IT and hates herself when I have noticed when she smokes pot she becomes the most serene friendly person I have ever met careful patient etc and when she quits all smoking for a few weeks then goes back to to her brutal nasty self that is angry and controlling everything she needs to be medicated but she will never take a pill and she needs to deal with her childhood trauma because she will never be able to get close to somebody ever only distant .... maybe we were not meant to live together as adults but there is adult ways of dealing with things ...she says I am an evil pot smoker its like bitch you smoke 29% weed with me 2 weeks ago grab a fucken brain she yells at the bird ALL day for 10 hours a day locks her bedroom door because she is afraid I will rifle through her things I kid you not she locks the door 45 x a day behind herself...over shit I did as a teenager its like that was 25 years ago loon she says she was so nice forgiving $1k I owed her but she forgets to notice that I have paid her over 22k this last 4 years in rental income $375 on a suite she pays $200 for I have literally been paying for the apartment I know she gets a management discount but hey money is money then the time I live with her years before was around the same rate around 50k I have paid in rental income to her she always says oh you are lucky I dont charge you for storage and she says I am not a tenant or have a lease she treats me like I am even below a tenant so this is yet another time she has cast me out onto the street for her sexual partner she does not treat me like her son and my mental illness sees her as something of an actress of sorts but I will leave it at that all she cares about is money and her material things and bird she does not foster relationships she is only friends with her ass manager whom is a difficult nasty one at best they get along fine but she loves this old woman more than her own son I dont fucken get it -she stinks and is her enabler for ciggarettes she is in denial of being a smoker and smokes literally at least a few a day due to her enabler who is just as difficult as her if anybody figures this out you have made strides I just cant believe what the world throws my way sometimes I am trying to make it thru this but I am going through a lot of struggles but I feel like I can make it without crying on a psych ward for 6 months I have bills to pay and I have a lot going for me art and blog wise so whatever thanks for nothing bitch !! she can follow me on social media/public persona now. she seriously burnt that bridge without my only best friend offering me a couch I would either be in psych ward or on street right now and she is rushing me to clear my room so she can replace it with her home office and BDSM dungeon lol jk its just I cant help but feel a little overwhelmed and stressed about this all while she is a stable slave that is confident in her slavery good for you I am also going to become a multi multi millionaire in my lifetime and you have proved where your allegiances are not on my side which is where a beautiful mother should be I am just waiting for her to literally have me dragged from another suite in her building but I dont think that will happen I have to get out of here and I elevated my housing to a better level if they dont supply an appropriate response I will be making a case with the provincial ombusdperson I have a federal human rights complaints and provincial going currently so whats one more to the pile lol she is a Narcissist which feeds on the vulnerabilities of an empath creative spiritual person like me she loves her bird more than people and will try and get me kicked out based on the fact that I am abusing her bird by smoking pot on balcony see she let me smoke on balcony for 4 years then said oh summer you are going to have to go outside then we got in an argument and she said oh now no smoking at all in my suite so I tried going once and ran into 6 people I found it extremely difficult as an agorophobic person and tried to communicate it with her and she just became nasty so I said fuck it mom I am smoking a joint on the balcony try and stop me and she went fucken ballistic saying she wanted me removed by the police when they know I am not a threat I have passed several security clearances I had to live with my childhood abuser because I was not given social housing how sad is that? its pretty sad I think things are going to really blossom for me in the coming weeks and days I can feel it I should have saw the warning signs but at least I am safe and housed and can still work and live my life it just got 100x more difficult she says I influence and manipulate her to smoke pot and ciggies no bish you make 10 choices before you smoke a joint nobody forces you I feel like I shouldnt tell my side on here but I am slowly being more assertive etc and my side is valid and I am just as valid as anybody else when you are not creative and you smoke weed you just go nuts when you are creative it is a nootropic by 10,000% don't worry I wont go on and on about personal issues in fb now I have gotten all I need off my chest with this post and my future posts will not be family drama I cant help but think I am hopelessly trapped in the MK ultra mind control generational abuse program with no actual way out unless I fight for my life at this point thankfully I had it easy with cheap rent but it all came at a price like most gay men and women I enter into a future where I do not have the support of family but rather in strangers in the matrix kind of brutal I think so too lol at least I got to be born cute thanks to her but funny hahaha I believe I was hatched or cloned like a cricket because a real mother would not do all this to her real son since almost having sex with my real father and brother in a penthouse has really warped my opinion of family and the world truth is she is a tasteful slumlord and kicking people out at xmas has seriously wounded her levels of confidence and she struggles with wielding absolute power everywhere she goes and I would not be surprised if she tries to have me forcibly removed from the property again....she sees my multiple doctorates as a scam or a dirty little family secret that I am officially educated to the highest degree of the land honestly this is something to be proud about in your son or daughter that they are a Doctor not treated like its an internet thing or a scam lol